Wedding Videos by Dragonfly UAV

A Spectacular 3-4 minute wedding video from the air

We will provide you with an amazing aerial video of your big day featuring you, your family and friends from a unique perspective – the air!

Your beautiful venue and it’s surroundings will be captured as well as your entire wedding party as our Flying Cameras, mounted on state of the art Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platforms, fly overhead.

The footage is incredible and will be produced as a professionally edited personalised video of you and your wedding party as you will never have imagined and cannot be captured by any other means.

Flown by fully insured, licensed, highly qualified and experienced pilots with ground crew the UAV’s are a show stopper and will amaze and delight your wedding guests. We can also provide the raw unedited footage to your ground video production company for editing and merging into your wedding story to give it a unique perspective (small additional cost).

Wedding Video shot from the air


including full personalised professionally edited final cut


Terms and conditions

  1. One order per wedding event.
  2. Filming subject to pre-site safety survey, weather and airspace restrictions.
  3. Requires wedding venue owners permission to fly.
  4. Wedding venues more than 25 miles from operations base at London Elstree Aerodrome will be charged at £1 per mile additional cost.
  5. Operators reserve to right to refuse or cancel any filming for operational or safety reasons.
  6. Package normally requires 3-4 hours on-site, including set up time.
  7. Approximately 20 minutes of raw aerial footage will be shot from which a 3-4 minute production edited video will be produced including your names and choice of message and music.
  8. Your wedding party may be requested to wave and form an aerial heart shape with the bride & groom at its pinnacle.
  9. Operator fully CAA licensed and insured.
  10. In the event of operational or weather related cancellations your money will be refunded.
  11. Cancellations at your request cannot be accepted unless at least 30 days notice is given.
  12. We will do our best to film your wedding on the date requested but flights cannot be guaranteed unless your wedding date is at least 30 days from the date of booking.
  13. The flight envelope and filming is entirely at our operating pilots discretion for safety reasons.
  14. The film produced may only used privately and may not be shown for commercial purposes other than for the express purpose of incorporation into a final cut wedding video or stills package produced by your ground based video or stills photography company.
  15. We reserve the right to keep your footage in our achieve library which may be used for our commercial purposes.
  16. Prices include VAT if applicable.

Dragonfly's Evo UAV

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